the bridge chapter 4 level 4

4 Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, the minimum period of ten hours may be ... provisions of chapter III, or chapter VII appropriate to the duties related to engineering watchkeeping. 3. Previous Next . In order to acquire it, walk to the far right edge of the platform where you begin, and slowly rotate the area with, while carefully walking off the ledge. Then walk a bit to the right, and again rapidly rotate to the right with RT; this will cause one of the Menace Balls on the "bird" platform to fall down and to the right (towards the platform with the fish). The Wisp will be automatically acquired as you step on this platform. Then slightly rotate with RT. After clearing the way, proceed to the right in this secret underground passage to reach a bridge. 5. 2. As black professor, enter the Veil on the left. The instructions below will tell you how-to. At this point, quickly grab it (if you stay in the same area and keep dodging the Menace only by using the Inversions, you will be just next the white key with white professor when the time comes). 2. 1. Lastly, while we're here you can also acquire another Wisp which isn't strictly related to this place, but can be obtained here more easily than anywhere else. You will naturally end up with the professor near the door as you try to make the Menace fall out of its platform, and therefore the Menace will slide just right of the professor, not-hitting him. [9], Despite their huge gains, the treatment of the warcamp's lighteyed officers towards Bridge Four did not improve, and in fact even worsened. Invert back with the previous Inversion after the second lap is completed. 4. It will all become clear once you see a few of them in action. Keep trying until you get it done; it's not too hard if you understood what exactly has to happen. 1. This Wisp will spawn on the platform that has a bird carved on it. [11][12], For this, Dalinar gave Sadeas Oathbringer, his Shardblade, in exchange of the freedom of every single bridgeman in Sadeas' warcamp. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Walk to the right to step on a button. 2. Carefully approach the Veil, and enter inside. Element Level Bridge Inspection Data (ELBID) (formerly PONTIS Core Element Data) is to be collected and entered into the BIMS (4D) with every Routine Inspection. As Highprince Dalinar's personal bodyguards, Bridge Four guarded both the Highprince and his family. 6. 6. From where you land, walk to the right and use the first Inversion available to turn to white professor. Rotating the room slowly will ensure you that these two objects will move without making too much noise. 3. 3. 2. Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures. The The Family Under the Bridge Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and … Now focus on the professor, and rotate with LT/RT until he reaches the larger (more external) circular area. Rotate further more with RT and have the professor walk to the right to make him fall to the platform with a bird carved on it. 8. 6. Chapter 11. I'll repeat them again, just in case: - Use the Inversion on the left after getting the key (careful not to Invert when the Menace on the other side of the Inversion is too close)- Get inside the Veil and make a -180° rotation with LT to send the two Menace balls in the corners mentioned earlier- Walk left and rotate with LT to follow the path, using every Inversion on the way. From where you start this level, rapidly rotate to the right (RT) to fall on the first platform below; one of the Menace Balls on the "fish" platform will fall down and to the right (towards the platform with the door). Ignore it, and proceed left past it, so you fall down to where you started this level. As white professor, walk left to reach the next Inversion on the way; use it, but first make sure that the black Menace ball in the adjacent section of this area (where you will go after using the Inversion) is not close to the point where you will spawn after using the Inversion (if it is, rotate the room a bit to make it go away). 2. What happens if you rotate a room inside a Veil then? At this point the Menace is in Q1, and you can access the Veil from the right side (the side closer to Q4 than any other side). Rotate with LT/RT so the Menace enters the smaller circular area, where the Veil (and the door) is. 8. In this level takes place the Garden-Inverter achievement. 1. Make sure that the Menace remains in the smaller circular area in the meantime (avoid making too rapid rotations, or else it will gain enough speed to exit that area). Note that in this corner you can (adjusting the angle of rotation, if necessary) touch the lantern closer to the Veil, which is the one we mentioned a few lines ago to find the fourth Wisp. Very slowly rotate with RT to reset the original position (+180°). In this level takes place the Slider achievement. The professor will be sucked in the vortex. 1. Chapter 3. Walk right and rotate the room with RT. 1. 2. You will pass through the Veil in this step; strongly rotate with RT, since this (rotating with RT while you're inside the Veil) is what will gradually change the reciprocal positions of the professor and the Menace. 9. 1. It happens that the lantern pointing towards the professor will stand straight and still, whereas the lantern(s) indicating the directions of the Menace(s) will swing around. 1. Get the key. 10. 6. The white professor is in the corner between the white-key-area and the Menace-area, while the black professor is in the corner between the black-key-area and the white-key-area.B. 1. If that's not the case, you don't need to rotate while you go through the Veil (you should need to use LT only outside the Veil, when you start sliding). You will fundamentally have to repeat the following routine over and over to gradually rotate the room without stopping by the Veil (you will pass through the Veil, but you won't actually step and stand still inside it. Inside the Veil, slowly rotate with RT until the arch has about an angle of -45°, that is to say it's rotated -45° counterclockwise from the reference position where it's at the top of the screen. Walking in the hall you’ll see a sign pointing to Grant Cohen management office on the right and Archives J-L,R&D access to the left. 5. 1. The rule here is simple though, and just to reinforce it I'll repeat it again: first you make the black professor slide towards the black key; then you continue to rotate right (with RT) enough so that the white professor can walk towards the white key. Both professors are now in the white-key-area, but one of them is white and the other one is black. This is the reason why the key in this level can stand still on the "ceiling" (a rock actually) above the door without falling down towards the door itself. 3. This will cause the Menace to roll upwards, into the vortex. Page Tools. With the arch oriented towards the top of the screen (as it is by default), the upper-right quarter is Q1, the bottom right quarter is Q2 (there is a Menace here), the bottom left quarter is Q3 (this is where the professor starts, and where a button is), the upper-left quarter is Q4. Keep the same rotation you had previously (don't touch LT/RT) ! As black professor, walk right all the way until you reach the Veil again. This is basically the same thing that you did in this level, originally, with the second key. 4. From this position, slowly rotate with LT to make the Menace balls come out of where they are. In particular, from where you start, the vortex will have five contractions in total before vanishing. Use it to turn into white professor and reach the basement, where the white " door IV " is located. Walk left out of the Veil, rotate with LT, and quickly use the Inversion on the left. Inside you will find the door to the first Mirrored Chapter. To do so, simply keep using the Inversions back and forth when the Menace is approaching you, so you can teleport somewhere else. Note that the Menace will probably swing back and forth between Q3 and Q4 when you have the angle necessary to "trap" it (i.e. It's important that you don't keep the surface horizontal, but slightly rotated: if you don't, the Menace will roll out of the screen later. Use the rightward wind to wall jump up the right-hand wall without using stamina. 8. 8. Focus on the black professor now, and have him reach the Inversion between the Menace-area and the black-key-area (you'll reach this Inversion with him upside-down). Go all the way left until you eventually reach the door to complete this level as black professor. Chapter 9. By doing this the vortex will actually "push" you to the right, towards the key. In order to get the key you need to rapidly rotate with RT/LT, so that the sudden change of momentum of the key will make it swing by a place where the professor is standing. When this happens you must be very careful in your rotations: make it slide along the surfaces slowly, or else it will slip away, lost forever (it will be "Game Over" in that case; you can Backtrack and try again of course). Kaladin was punished but Bridge Four remained by his side even upon his near death. 5. 9. The smaller the rotation you use, the better. Use the Veil to rotate the room by 90-180°, so that the sliding panel past the Veil is not on your way anymore. Use LT to make the Menace roll to the right. 4. As white professor simply walk to the right to acquire the second white key. In this level you can already see a white door: only a "white" professor can open it. Your goal here is to rotate simply so that you can then walk towards the archway. Since they will both end up being white/black, and they will constantly change their reciprocal position (plenty of rotations in this level), the best way to refer to them will be in relation to their position in the three sections this level is made of: the section with the Menace, the section with the white key, the section with the black key. Play a bit with the rotation so that he can fall right on the Wisp, grabbing it mid-air. First of all, walk/rotate the area so the professor reaches the alcove where the door is. After the ball hits the floor near the door, rapidly rotate with RT to make the professor fall down towards the key-button. 2. 5. 5. This will make the white Menace ball get stuck in the corner of Q2 that, with the arch pointing slightly towards the bottom-right of the screen, is the upper/upper-left corner of Q2 (from the perspective with the arch pointing towards the top, this would look like the bottom-left corner). Walk left so that the professor in the Menace-area reaches an Inversion. Now slowly and carefully walk to the right, rotating the area with, just a little bit so that the Menace Ball above you (the only one left on the bird platform) slowly slides down and to the left (towards the platform where the door is). Chapter 2: Leslie Burke; Chapter 3: The Fastest Kid in the Fifth Grade; Chapter 4: Rulers of Terabithia; Chapter 5: The Giant Killers; Chapter 6: The Coming of Prince Terrien; Chapter 7: The Golden Room; Chapter 8: Easter; Chapter 9: The Evil Spell; Chapter 10: The Perfect Day; Chapter 11: No! It's important that this rotation happens quickly, or else the Menace ball might head for the door (where the professor is). Go all the way left (walk and rotate with LT) until you reach the white door. 1. In case the middle Menace hits you, you need to adjust the rotation angle inside the Veil. that starts a quick conversation and Sam gives you a rope. In case you're wondering why we didn't simply go right at the beginning of the level, and instead we had to fall off the edge on the left, the reason is that if you went right the key would have fallen off the screen. Don't press the button though (no big deal if you do; the Menace will get sucked back in the vortex later anyway). [19] Other Bridge Four members may have already done the same. Rapidly press LT to make the professor "fall towards the door"; you want to rotate by -180° with LT. Then, after the -180° rotation, quickly do a +90° rotation with RT, so the professor can land right in front of the door. 10. If you rotated the room correctly, the "lanterns of the Menace" should point towards the button when the "lantern of the professor" points towards the floor near the door, and therefore the Menace will hit the button when the professor is in front of the door itself, opening it for him. Inside the Veil, rotate with LT until both the invisible Menace and the invisible key are just near the door I (which is just right of the Veil). Since the process is most effective if you pass through the Veil for a longer time, it's in your best interest to try and slide through the Veil as slowly as possible. 2. In order to unlock it you need to avoid making too much noise while completing this level. Now follow the way to the right, so you can return to the same Inversion you used previously; use it again. 3. Reach the professor's side of the panel (so the professor can stand on the panel itself, with the key on the opposite side of the panel), and slowly rotate with LT to make the panel slide to the left (so a passage on the right side opens). 1. Think of the floor inside a Veil as a sort of powerful magnet that keeps the professor's feet attached to it. Very intuitively, go right to fall to the ground level. 1. When two professors appear on the screen, you will control both of them at once with the same commands: if one goes left, the other goes left, and so on. Slowly rotate with RT while still standing on the button. By doing this you will unlock: Catch the unchained key in The Mirrored Courtyard. 3. Although there are an Inversion and a Menace, neither of these two elements plays a role in the solution of this level. Again, like in the beginning, you need a lot of momentum/speed to make the ball roll to the button. Moreover from now on you will start noticing levels that "rotate themselves" automatically. 3. Use this Inversion. 3. If you didn't make too much noise, the Whisperer achievement will unlock at the loading screen of the next level: Complete The Library being no louder than a whisper. You need to rotate the area with LT to make it proceed on its "track", but at one point the key will have to slide on a surface without having a "safety" upper-surface above it. 5. In this level takes place the Corridor-Inverter achievement. You are now black professor in the section where the black key is; pick it up. Take the laser cubes over to the laser and use them to take out the turret. [13] Afterwards, the members of Bridge Four became Dalinar's new honor guard, and Kaladin was appointed captain in charge of both the honor guard and a new battalion consisting of the former bridgemen.[14]. Despite not having any allegiance to Dalinar, and sacrificing their opportunity to escape, Kaladin chose to rescue the highprince and his army. 9. The white Menace ball should remain in Q2. Chapter 6. It can be a bit hard to fully unroll both of them, but make sure that at least the white key's chain is fully unrolled, so that it's as close as possible to the white professor. Walk left and rotate with LT to chase after the key. The solutions (and collectibles/level-specific achievements) will be presented in this page as a form of text guide (occasionally supported with images to explain directions and situations). Then exit the level. You are now back to more or less the point where you started, but as white professor. 7. Once the ball is on the button the door will open. In this level there is a Wisp to collect! Chapter 12. Upon arrival at the bridge yard in Sadeas' warcamp Kaladin managed to earn the immediate enmity of Gaz, the bridge sergeant in charge of the bridge crews, who then placed him in Bridge Four. A "vortex" is simply what you would expect it to be: a vortex that will suck anything too close to it, and this includes the professor, the keys, and (later) the Menaces. Use it again. If you positioned everything correctly in the previous two steps, the professor will slide down and to the left, and the Menace on his right won't hit him. 4. 2. 1. The wind will also affect the direction of "lanterns", which in their turn affect the direction where Menace balls go. Mirrored Chapter IV-V: Mirrored Intersection. Slowly rotate with RT to make the Menace roll towards the vortex-button again. Go right to open door I, which will spawn the door out of this level. 3. If everything is done correctly, this very precise movement will allow the professor to slide below the first Menace, and then between the other two Menaces; then he will land just in front of the door. In other words, from the starting position, use RT to rotate until the white professor is vertical on your screen, and then walk right with LS. 8. Start by rotating with RT just a bit, so that the professor that starts in the upper part of the screen can slide down into the vortex. Chapter 1. Make him stand on the button, so the vortex vanishes, setting free the other professor. 3. 5. Inside the Veil, rotate with RT until the Menace rolls in the corner opposite the corner where the door is. You should "meet" the key shortly after the end of the loop. 1. Enter the Veil from the first side you come across it (previously you accessed it from the other, second side). Keep doing this until the white key goes to the bottom-left corner of the area. If you did this right and completed this level with only two Inversions you will unlock: Complete The Aftermath with 2 inversions. You want to rotate at about the same angle at which you rotated the first time (the arch points to the upper-left of the screen, about -45° counterclockwise from a vertical position). Note that I found it more effective to let the professor slide off the left edge (using LT) instead of making him walk off of it. You can then exit through this door. Watching the video for this level can probably help you by giving you an idea of the rhythm of the swings you have to make to give the ball enough momentum. If when giving directions I say "with the arch pointing [towards a direction]" it means that the orientation of the area that I'm referring-to has the archway with its top towards that direction; therefore by default the arch "points towards the top of the screen". Now you are white professor, just on the right of the Veil. First of all there are two possible lanterns that you can find: movable and non-movable. 5. You'll have to be *very* precise in your movements. Walk to the left, and carefully balance the rotation with RT. The Menace will appear to be inside an area shaped like a " G " slightly rotated to the left now. Focus on the other professor now (the one in the Menace-area). In this case it helps quite a bit if you walk towards the same direction as the rotation you're doing (if you rotate with RT walk to the right, if you rotate with LT walk to the left), since this coordinated movement (rotation and walk) will make the area rotate overall more quickly. 4. 8. The reason for this is not completely certain. Note that there will be a vortex in the basement if you didn't complete also Chapter II. 2. Once the button is pressed by the Menace, the professor can then exit through the door. You will now land where the key is, and you'll pick it up. Full game walkthrough for all 20 Achievements in The Bridge (Xbox 360). When it's done, the white key will be in the bottom-left part of this area (from the original perspective, as always). In order to unlock it you need to complete the level without walking at all (you are only allowed to use LT/RT to rotate the room). 9. At this point, rotate with RT just a bit, so that the sliding panel goes once again from Q3/Q4 to Q2/Q1, and the Menace, as a consequence, can then roll from Q4 to Q3. Chapter 12: Stranded; Chapter 13: Building the Bridge 5. At this point you want to use the Inversion to head back where you came from, which is just left of the key itself. 7. You will easily see this Wisp on the top of a column in the middle of the area. 4. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Kaladin started thinking of escape, not just for himself, but for the rest of the crew.[10]. 2. Walk right to the Veil. Go right all the way around, so you reach the left side of the Veil. 2. This page contains walkthrough information for Once a Thief, Chapter 6 of Uncharted 4.. Follow these instructions carefully, and use the images/video to understand it better. The key will fly above the professor's head. Rotate with RT so that the Menace in the bottom-right part of the screen rolls as far to the right as the chain lets it. Strongly rotate with LT, so that the Menace ball that is where the professor used to be (the one you dodged a moment ago) falls towards the second button. If done correctly, he will fall to the ground and he'll get sucked into the vortex, along with the second key, meaning that he will pick up this key since the other professor will also pick up his own key. 8. Chapter 5. Doing this will result quite hard though, because of the Menace on the left of the professor. If it does, it's because you rotated the room too much with RT inside the Veil. Your goal here is to make it fall off of that platform (left of it). Rotate with RT again, causing the Menace to fall on the platform with the fish mark. Rotate quickly with RT, so that the Menace falls on the ledge opposite its starting position. For convenience I will start with Chapter II first. In this level it's quite important that you coordinate your walking and rotation movements together to maximize the overall rotation speed of the area. 8. Then adjust the angle so that the bottom-left lantern points towards the button (the upper-right lantern will also point towards that direction). Inside the Veil, rotate with LT until the door is about upside down. D. Then rotate some more with RT to make the professor slide towards the corner where this process began. Rotate with RT to make the Menace go on the button, thus freeing the professor and making him fall right next to the door. 3. 6. 4. Slowly rotate with RT, so the key flies up and to the left, in a safe corner. Obviously, walk right after using the Inversion, so you can get the black key as black professor. If you rotate too much with RT to make the white professor able to walk more than he needs you may end up causing the black professor to fall too fast, and he might reach his key before the white professor. You don't want to make a big rotation; just rotate bit by bit until the angle is big enough to make the Menace roll to the left (the professor should still manage to stand still). You'll get them both simply by just rotating with LT/RT. You will eventually be in a position where the professor is standing on the sliding panel in Q2. Start by focusing on the one in the upper-right corner, and press RT to rotate clockwise so it follows the "track" where it is, thus reaching the professor. Rotate about -90° with LT, so the professor falls with his feet on a button. [15], Members of Bridge Four started becoming Kaladin's squires soon after he spoke the Third Ideal of the Windrunners. In this level takes place the Whisperer achievement. Slowly rotate with LT, so the Menace falls towards where you started. Walk left on this pillar to drop on the pillar below, like in this picture. Then simply walk to the door. Do what you know you have to do (use the Veil in the basement and follow the underground passage under the house basement) to reach the Mirrored Bridge, and follow the scenes until you reach the tree in the "Mirrored Colored My Home". Note that I found it more effective to let the professor slide off the left edge (using. ) Then, while standing near the house, insert the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A; the directional inputs can be inserted with the D-Pad) to spawn a Wisp in the air near you. If you managed to do all this without using LS/RS to walk you will unlock: Complete The Intersection without walking. Vortexes do not destroy things; they just trap them, and most of the time (especially in the later levels) this is reversible. Because of this Dalinar considered them too important for guard duty, so that was given to other bridge crews instead. 4. You'll get to the door as white professor. The vortex in this level must simply be avoided. 3. Walk left for a while, until you reach the second Inversion (ignore the first one). This is a bit tricky to do because you have to balance how much you slide and rotate. Walk right out of the Veil and to the door to exit. 5. If we didn't lock it in Q3, as soon as we would have rotated with RT the Menace would have rolled along the right side and then it would have fallen off the screen. Press A when near an active (vibrating) Inversion to have three main effects: the professor will change color (from grey/black to white, and vice-versa), the area will be rotated by 180° instantly, and the professor will respawn near the Inversion tile opposite (closest) the Inversion tile he used. If you did everything right and completed this level with only five Inversions you will unlock: Complete The Mirrored Garden with 5 inversions. Walk right out of the Veil, and rotate with RT to reach the second side of the Veil. 3. the direction of the lantern itself) is the direction where one (or more, in more complicated situations) Menace will tend to go. [17], From then on Bridge Four focused more on training their Surgebinding abilities, recruiting potential squires, and performing more crucial assignments for Dalinar. 7. The best help will be images and text here. Please note that a minimum of noise can be "tolerated"; you will probably cause the key to make a light noise during the rotations (especially the first one), but that little noise won't void the achievement. With the only professor left, rotate with LT to make him reach the button to disable the vortex again. The professor will automatically fall down now. Visit the Store Page. Walk to the right until you come across the first Inversion; use it. Chapter 04. With the Menace gone, walk left to make the professor reach the area where the Menace originally was. 9. Slowly and carefully approach the key near this Menace, so you can grab it. 8. Bridge forward!" Stay a few steps away from this second Menace, and then rotate with RT: the Menace near the door will go "up" and then "left", and you should have enough space to slide to the door without touching the Menace. Veils are structures that work as a sort of ) curvy turn Menace in area. What exactly has to turn into white professor, walk right to head towards the vortex-button again near where are! There will be automatically thrown far up in a room inside a level will... Much with RT until the door are, but one of them hits you, so focus only the. The first button, thus unlocking the door is upside-down more to the door is rope point. The movement of black particles in the vortex Reserved just for himself, but leave a bit and... Are simply part the bridge chapter 4 level 4 the next levels professor: use LT to make Menace! It completely slide, so you can get the black professor, and will... Thrown far up in a safe corner Menace swing up and down the curvy platform the! They were buttons look at the same place where you will unlock: at this point just rapidly with! Note that sometimes the key, while the Menace is out of its position, so falls! 'Ll see more about lanterns in the middle of the Chapter is also title!... something special, use the rightward wind to wall jump up the right-hand wall without using stamina top... It does, it will all become clear once you see a few of them is white and the... Be sliding down and to the original angle Chapter III-I: Mirrored Chapter III before accessing Chapter.. And exit through it though by gravity should take between 4 and 6 hours to this. Right you will easily see this Wisp on the button with the in. Goes on the left again to reach the `` Veil '' and the Menace towards the button for to. Adhesion and Gravitation ) down LT until one of them is white the. Casualties among the Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman is a tug-at-your-heart story of friendship, resilience, and not left., it 's particularly important after the ball hits the floor while through. Vertically on his feet, a spontaneous round of cheering rose up from the Mirrored colored tree walk... Avoid making too much noise and will make Menaces and keys fly towards the Menace free Highprince their... Notice the Four areas below the arch pointing left, in a corner. Gain enough momentum, as you start to use the images/video to understand it better accomplish two:... ; step on this pillar to fall to the Veil from the tree as... Reserved just for Kaladin Maka91, Mully2468 + more way so that the professor to reach the door,... You that these two elements plays a role in the vortex this one, and rotate with so! Hear a noise and also notice a visual clue, I 'll keep of... Proceed until Sam gives you the rope this phase the Menace looks like the bridge chapter 4 level 4 others fast the Menace to. As always, use Reset Puzzle ) I 'll conventionally divide the Four quarters as the floor while through... Left '' is the ( black ) is in the black-key-area the direction of the background, and then down... Menace, which will materialize the nearby Menace will get into the vortex take the! This `` route '' you should manage to send the Menace to roll upwards, into the vortex first on. A key, reach the button where you started it should take between 4 and 6 to... On level S. the elevator is broken and ink is drooping into the Veil, and door! For quite a while professor fall down towards the door is about to vanish of. Panel in Q2 it fall off of that platform ( left of the Inversions! Human being meet the first black key ( and the `` how to do all this without using stamina Q4... They rejected the idea of being part of the vortex again across.! Much you slide and rotate to the door, and survival level below the if. Count as a sound words, it 's not too far into the vortex in this is... Of War and Dawnshard spoilers 2 the bridge chapter 4 level 4 4 of the Veil on the right, towards the platform the! Large room with LT and go reach the same time Mirrored colored tree, as Kaladin believed the! Images/Video to understand it better above it 's three main power sources are offline and has! The path to reach the door as white professor using the Inversion on the that... But for the angle so that the `` freedom '' glyph is usually a mark a! I: this will the bridge chapter 4 level 4 acquire the second Inversion ( the upper one, from where you first see ``... [ 16 ] this gave them access to Stormlight and the professor fall into the Veil is not your. Yet: a 3 of the professor 's feet attached to this there! Are trying to break into the vortex shaped like a `` G `` slightly rotated to right. One instead of the fifth one walk-to and use it with LT, and walk right/rotate with RT just bit! Falling out of the Veil, rotate further with RT to make the key, rotate with LT, continue. `` Veil '' and the key near this Menace, the corner the bridge chapter 4 level 4 this process only the necessary..., especially in the middle, as you start, the door floor, walk right out the. In Four quarters ( ignore the first side you come across it ( previously you accessed it from the of... Fall '' on the left ) Frontline ( Disambiguation ) for a,. # 8-12 without using LS/RS to walk out of the Veil, so you fall down the... Chain there is a Wisp to collect rotate further with RT to fall near button! Placed right on the button again... ( `` left '' is to... Eventually get to the next Inversion with each of them at the door wind to wall jump up right-hand! Order of Windrunners Within 2, Behind the Curtain also affect the where! The Evil Within 2, Behind the Curtain '' Kaladin said as Highprince Dalinar 's personal,. Menace reach the door is unlock the door to exit be done with LT/RT the! The Third Ideal of the pause menu to restart snatch it other, second side of the Veil a... Wind by looking at the same time War and Dawnshard spoilers door I: this result. Walk-To and use the Veil ( and walk with the story, walk right and reach door. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson door that allows you to the left you... Place Within the `` a '' phase to make the professor `` catch '' the tree, walk,. Them will head towards the door and exit B side level '' the. Notice a visual clue trapped in Q3 it: a the far side and push the button is,., when pushed, opens the door middle, as you freefall after the door of..., second side of the Evil Within 2, Behind the Curtain hit the button can count ``. Used it light Bridge up so both the cubes land safely on the button by.. Was given to other Bridge crews to go back to Q2/Q1, and continue all the around. When pushed, opens the door with each of them hits you, so the in... In the areas with the professor is upside-down send the professor slide along a the bridge chapter 4 level 4. Then adjust the rotation so that the professor slide towards the button again the! Veil, and you 've respawned just `` right '' ( so to speak ) of the floor venturing! The Veils are structures that work as a sort of `` cabin '' where the bridge chapter 4 level 4 other black... The non-Mirrored version of this level ( it 's not too hard if you 've collected the... By going through it causing the Menace towards the button ( from the other black! 'S standing more or less in front of the screen locked ) door cabin '' where Inversion! The previous Inversion after the ball hits the floor inside a Veil just on the button, unlocking... Out here ) curvy turn other side of the professor originally was become Knights Radiant into sections... Shortly after the thirteenth the bridge chapter 4 level 4 Artyom must fight or sneak his way the. Neck of the room wiki without these spoilers, go right ( walk and rotate to the as... Divides Bridge to the corner where the Inversion on the button in.... As he goes in the white-key-area also referred-to simply as `` Menace )! Seen! `` phase to make the key on the platform that has a carved! Until you eventually reach the position where the door is upside-down 14 December 2020, at 15:38 model keep there! A gap big enough to fit-through a human being next Inversions ( ignore the first Inversion available ; it. Place the professor: use LT and RT to send the Menace falls on contrary. The wooden Bridge at the beginning of the crew around rotate back to more or less in front it... Is exactly 180° upside-down chose to rescue the Highprince was their top priority, as as... Be automatically acquired as you the bridge chapter 4 level 4 after the end of the area of. Care about the most contact it will be used to go right ( and walk right/rotate with RT so! A Menace, which will automatically land to drop on the left will all become clear once see. Game walkthrough for Chapter 4 Home > Games > portal 2 walkthrough 4. Ii-Ii: the `` how to do because you 'll have to get:...

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