feedback in communication process

Grâce à l’élément du feedback, la communication interpersonnelle se réalise suivant un processus dynamique et assure un « va et vient » qui place l’émetteur et le récepteur en interaction continue pour atteindre le même objectif. It ensures that the communication process continues. It encourages further communication between the sender and receiver. Feedback is a great contributor to effective communication. Feedback is the backbone of the communication. Peer feedback is highly valuable. It signifies that everything is on the right track and no corrective measure regarding communication is necessary. Through feedback, the sender can learn the reaction or response of the receiver. So, feedback helps the organization (Sender) to collect information from different people (Receivers). Getting the Reactions of Receiver: Through feedback the sender can get the responses or reactions of the receiver of his message. Feedback communication 1. Thus, there are Seven major elements of communication process: The signal may take the form of a spoken comment, a long sigh, a written message, a smile, or some other action. It ensures that messages are adjusted to avoid misunderstandings in future. If management believes in Two Way Communication system and permits the employees to express their feelings, reactions and opinions on various matters, they will be higly satisfied. All About Business Communication Feedback should be presented in a positive, tactful and non-threatening manner. Additionally, feedback should be provided in the most appropriate location. Learn moreOpens in new window, [Message-based Approach to Overcome Barriers], Difference Between Abstract & Concrete Words, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. COMMUNICATION PROCESS: FEEDBACK: Feedback is the main component o communication process as it permits the sender to analyze the efficacy of the message. Feedback is the final component and one of the important factors in the process of communication. This practice will help management to create a congenial atmosphere in the organization that is essential for organizational success. Without feedback, two way communication is either ineffective or incomplete. It means that the recipient of the message has responded in the way intended by the sender and taken the intended course of action. Employees are not always … For coordination, each department must contact with other and send back response to any query of other departments. For example, sometimes manager sends plans and decision or policies to the subordinates for their appraisal. In critical situations, the sender might ask the receiver to repeat the message and explain his or her understanding of it. Feedback is the response of a receiver to a message. Problem will remain, as the feedback of the management could not reach to the employees. From the discussion, we can say that feedback is a system where the reaction or response of the receiver reaches to the sender after he has interpreted the message. If receiver sends his feedback to the sender, it means that the media are appropriate. There are lot of ways in which company takes feedback from their employees, such as : Employee surveys, memos, emails, open-door policies, company news letter etc. Feedback is audience‘s response, whichenables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your message. So, Feedback is essentially required for bringing coordination among departments. When something needs to be said, say it. Communication Process The communication is a dynamic process that begins with the conceptualizing of ideas by the sender who then transmits the message through a channel to the receiver, who in turn gives the feedback in the form of some message or signal within the given time frame. It provides the originator of the communication with an opportunity to ask for explanation if the message was unclear. As a small-business owner, you need feedback so that you can gauge whether your communication has been successful. It helps the sender in confirming the correct interpretation of message by the decoder. Feedback may be direct, such as a written or verbal response, or it may take the form of an act or deed in response (indirect). Feedback is important in generating the results that we need to be successful, especially in the workplace where the main objective of feedback is to strengthen progress towards objectives and goals.

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